Welcome to Utah Bug Club!


Utah Bug Club provides Utah families and children with fun basic butterfly classes and field trips.  For seven years, we not only have taught kids about how to find common Utah butterflies, but also have taken them out in the field to experience this in a natural setting in one of our many Utah Wasatch Canyons. 

We also discuss how to raise butterflies and provide kids with caterpillars to increase their appreciation of butterfly life histories.  Please see our meetings page for more information on upcoming meetings and field trips. 

Please keep in mind that meetings and field trips can be postponed due to mother nature.  Butterflies do not fly during stormy weather or overcast conditions.  Butterfly emergence can also be delayed in the spring as a result of repeated spring storms.  If you do plan on coming to meetings, please also join us on Facebook to get up-to-the-minute status on meetings.

In 2011, Utah Bug Club became the original charter organization to partner with The Lepidopterists' Society through the Outernet Project.  By joining Utah Bug Club for $20 per child, you now also get a free butterfly collecting kit as well as free one-year membership to The Lepidopterists' Society, an international organization dedicated to butterflies and moths.